Knowledge Base

How To Communicate With Us?

  1. Through The WhatsApp Group We Have Created For You
  2. Through Your Client Dashboard

Weekly Deadlines?

  1. We will send you a link to your online drive to drop in your content
  2. If your Campaign is set to Fridays, your deadline should be Monday, End Of Day.
  3. If Your Campaign Is Tuesdays, your deadline should be Saturday, End Of Day.

How To Connect With A Lead?

  1. We suggest to always call a lead to understand how serious they are and what they are actually looking for (within the first 24-48hrs)
  2. This is the best time to build a personal connection with them, and also gives you a chance to educate them on how/where to purchase your products and how to make payment
  3. Indicate how the customer was in the Status Column so that we know how to best strategize our marketing to get you the best response possible
  4. After completion of a happy sale ask the lead to give you an online rating to improve your business reputation online