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Looking For The Best All In One Marketing Solution For Your Business? Stop Wasting Money & Time! Start Generating Actual Leads For Your Business & Focus On Meeting Your Business Goals.

Trust Us To Carry Out Your Online Digital Marketing Weekly Through Our Customised Proven Systems & Algorithms, And Start Generating Actual Leads Daily.

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What Does Our Package Include?

Weekly Online Digital Marketing Campaigns:

H&S Reliance Group Believe The Best & Most Effective Campaigns Are When You Focus On A Specific Product, Range Or Service That You Are Providing And Start Marketing That To Your Specific Target Market That Is Ready To Engage And Willing To Make A Purchase

Management Of Your Social Media Pages:

We Take Care Of Your Social Media Pages This Includes Your Enquiries, Comments, Messages To Even Managing Your Growth.

*We'll Take Care Of Revamping Or Creating Your Social Media Pages If You Don't Already Have One

Weekly Advert & Post Creations:

We Take Care Of Creating Your Weekly Posts To Make Them Engaging & Do Our Best To Bring Out The Best Message To Get As Many Customers To Walk Into Your Doors Who Are Interested In Purchasing What You Are Marketing In Each Campaign. 

*All You Have To Do Is Let Us Know What You Want To Promote...

Creation Of Robots & Lead Generation Modules:

We Use Our Specially Designed Software To Create Lead Generation Modules, To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Adverts So That It Brings In The Best Results. 

*Let The Experts Handle The Technical Stuff While You Focus On Handling Your Business.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Creating Email Campaigns
  2. Cleaning Up Your Database
  3. Emailing The Newsletter Out

*We Take Care Of Your Growth & Manage Your Retention Marketing To Increase Repeat Buyers & Keep Your Followers Updated

Building The Right Demographics For Your Ideal Customer:

We Use Our Inbuilt Algorithms To Identify Who Would Be Your Ideal Customers Keeping Location, Age & Interest In Mind.

*Place Your Trust In Us & Allow Us To Bring You The Right Leads.

What Makes Us Different?


At H&S Reliance Group being led by Hassan Jiwani who is a developer, an online marketing guru & most importantly an entrepreneur running many businesses over the last 20 years, his motto has always been, it doesn’t matter how big your company is or even if you are just starting up, equality and value for money are important to the core of all his businesses when dealing with any company.

This is one of our main values in H&S Reliance Group, we have followed this from the beginning, as everyone deserves an equal chance to grow their business and succeed, and we are here to help you grow no matter your size.

We Have The Know-How:

We have our own proven systems that actually work in Kenya. As H&S Reliance Group we don’t only handle customers based in Kenya, but we are also trusted to represent other companies based in Africa, Europe, Asia, USA & Oceania, these companies both promote their services & products in their own countries as well as have accumulated many customers in Kenya through our tried & tested methods.

The mistakes that companies make: Most companies come up with a marketing plan of what they want to market and they set aside a budget which goes towards awareness, traffic, likes & comments, but at the end of the day when they look at their marketing results, they end up with wasted resources & dead-end campaigns with no leads to follow up on to close sales.


It is important to always deal with all our customers transparently & ethically, and we try our best to go that extra mile to make all our customers happy.


It is important to us that we advise our customers what we think will work, we can always guide you, but the final decision always lies in your hands.

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