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4 Issues Per Month:

H&S Magazine Kenya goes out every Thursday mornings from 5:45 am East African Time, allowing you to place up to 4 different campaigns per month, helping you build your awareness, build mileage, reaching out to your potential target market and increase your sales.

Reach Up To 600,000+ People Per Month:

H&S Magazine Kenya Has Over 30,000 Registered Subscribers Who Receive The Magazine Weekly And Through Our Other Channels We Get A Potential Reach Of Up to 150,000 Weekly Making It A Potential Reach Of 620,000 Per Month.

Target Market:

H&S Magazine Kenya subscribers typical audience include members of the following:

Age: 25+, Sex: Male & Female, Job Position: Management Post, Monthly Spend On Lifestyle Products & Services: 50,000Kshs+, Location: Kenya, &
East African Countries, Relationship: In An Active Relationship. Spenders Of Lifestyle products & Services In Kenya!

Our Weekly Channels:

  1. Digital Magazine
  2. Email Newsletter
  3. Push Notifications
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Search Engine Marketing
  6. RSS Feed: Google News & Flipboard



Magazines, Newspapers & Billboards can cost you an arm and a leg now! Ask yourself, When's the last time you purchased a magazine? When is the last time you had time to take down the contact details from a billboard? Where was the last time you read the news? Are your current marketing activities doing you justice? With H&S Magazine we are affordable and we offer 4 campaigns per month compared to a one off highly priced static advert. 


Every advert has a public view, even though your advert reaches over 500,000 people seeing it on newsletters, social media, Google, etc... you can actually see how many people have clicked and landed on your advert, which is more valuable and H&S magazine is transparent having nothing to hide, the numbers are there publicly, so not only you, but even normal readers can see how many people have landed on your advert.

No Expiry & Environmental Friendly:

With other magazines, newspapers, billboards or even posters, they will take it down, destroy it, recycle it or dispose it and it will go to a total waste, with H&S Magazine Kenya there is no expiry, in fact every advert which is accompanied with its own SEO, Keywords, Meta Descriptions & Listing on Search Engines actually gets stronger with time and the more people view your advert your ranking on search engines will climb higher and higher. We do not delete adverts, they will still exist in our categories giving you the potential to reach unlimited viewers.

No Limitation, Make Use Of Digital:

Compared to other magazines where you have a limit of type of media allowed, limitations of space (A5, A4), limitations of colour, with H&S Magazine we are very flexible. Make use of your digital space, you can easily place adverts with up to 2,000 words, place posters, videos, gallery images, forms or even call to action buttons like: Call Now, Email Now, Visit Our Website, and all you need to do is provide us with the content we will setup the layout and build your advert for you.

We make it easy so that even if you want to run competitions with H&S Magazine Play & Win, as long as you are an advertiser we give this for free as an added value, to drive you even more traffic.

Here Is What People Say About H&S Magazine Kenya:

"Having worked with H&S Reliance before I very much recommend they're services for the promotion and showcasing of a business. Prices are very fair & they really help push your online presence through they're networks and mentions.. A very good and strong platform to present your business to the world, that offer the same results as other, much more expensive, services... Really recommend, a must try!"

Lucas Lambert

Lucas Lambert

Entrepreneur, Homes & Gardens

"Nice to be able to access a magazine online, with a friendly interface and such an array of different articles all in one magazine. Catering to all tastes."

Michelle Arscott Njuguna

Michelle Arscott Njuguna

Life Coach

"One of Kenya’s leading digital magazine with a variety of sections for everyone. Has brilliant and informative articles every week for the readers. Keep it up and best wishes always ❤️ 🙏 👍 💯 ✅"

Pooja Doshi

Pooja Doshi

Entrepreneur & Yoga Practitioner

"Amazing layout and content! Also very consistent, love it!"

Suzie Wokabi

Suzie Wokabi

Entrepreneur, Beauty Industry

"An amazing magazine with very informative content!!!!"

Sanaa Chaudhry


"What a fabulous initiative! Love the content. Keeps it up!"

Deepa Dosaja

Fashion Designer

"Get products at prices lower than international rates without paying for shipping. Awesome."

Daktari Chocs Peter

Medical Doctor

"Good advertising platform for all markets"

Kibaru Cherish 

Real Estate Industry

"Brilliant initiative and a good source of information"

Chef-Hemedi Ali 


"I like the take of Digital Media advertising that H&S have taken! prompt service and response!"

Medina Khan 

Technology Solutions Owner

"Absolutely loved doing business with them! The magazine has an amazing layout, focuses on the right content and is very exclusive. Very professional and customised service offered. Kudos to the team!"

Anhar A Essajee

Food & Beverage Owner

"They are brilliant and very effective...recommend them for all your advertisement/promotions"

Saghir Giga

Arts & Culture Industry

"Great content, good job to the team"

Claire Marriage


"Need a digital presence, this is it. The reach and quality cannot be comparable."

Jack Nyamwaya


"One stop shop for shopping and new products."

Samira Fazal

Fashion Industry & Food Industry Owner

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Our Platinum Package Includes 4 Consecutive Issues

Once you go digital there is no going back, embrace the future, embrace it now!

Platinum Package

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Kshs 98,600/Month

Prices Are Inclusive Of VAT

  • 4 Consecutive Issues (1 Advert Per Week/Issue)
  • Placed Under Your Category Of Choice
  • Featured Advert On Weekly Email Newsletter
  • Online Digital Marketing Campaign Every Issue To Drive Brand Awareness/Customer Enquiries To Your Ideal Target Market
  • SEO For Each Advert
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Optional- Enquiry Form Created On Your Advert
  • Advert Will Never Expire & Remain In Archives
  • Featured Video Commercial On H&S Magazine TV If A Video Exist On Your Advert

H&S Magazine Kenya Will Layout/Create Your Advert Every Week Based On The Content Provided In The Online Drive We Provide You:

Each advert can have up to 2,000 words, image galleries, videos, call-to-action buttons to your preferred website link, links to your social media accounts & optionally if you require an enquiry form.

*DISCLAIMER: "At H&S Reliance Group Ltd, we uphold values of responsibility and integrity. Thus, we choose not to showcase businesses that promote Riba, tobacco, alcohol, or gambling, aligning our platform with ethical and positive choices for the betterment of society."

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