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Quickly Book A Social Media Campaign With Us Today & Let Us Take Care Of Your Headache 

Need An Effective Online Team To Carryout Your Weekly Online Campaigns So You Can Start Attracting New Clients Every Week?

Need To Market An Offer, A Product Or A Service To Drive In Clients In A Hurry? 

We specifically created this platform for the many clients who have contacted us as a last minute resort or after hours, just to push a product/service/offer, which they were not getting the desired results using their in house team.

Being in the digital space and as we didn't have any existing packages less than 1 month, we created this platform so that clients with a much shorter campaign length and smaller budget, can select from a 7, 14, 21 or 28 day campaign, at a much more affordable price and mainly geared towards their selected marketing goals.

Let's Get Started Today, You Don't Need A Social Media Page, You Don't Need A Team Of People To Create Your Designs. With These New Affordable Packages We Have Designed For All Types Of Businesses (B2B or B2C), Here Is Just A Taste Of What We Have To Offer, And This Why Most Of Our Corporate Customers Have Chosen To Work With Us For Many Years.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Why Choose Us?


Compared to other businesses who offer the same services, our pricing has always been affordable and cost effective, making your ROI so much easier to evaluate when it comes to your marketing expectation and goals.


We have a full team of social media experts who will create your campaign, select an ideal target audience, and run your campaign effectively so we can generate new clients regularly for you weekly.

What Makes Us Different?

We Give You A Choice:

When submitting your preferred campaign you can select your goal:

1) Lead Generation- Attain interested clients who want to purchase your product/services that we are marketing in the campaign.

2) Drive More Clients To Your Website Link

3) Brand Awareness

4) Gain More Followers

We Have The Know-How:

We have our own proven systems that actually work in Kenya. As H&S Reliance Group we don’t only handle customers based in Kenya, but we are also trusted to represent other companies based in Africa, Europe, Asia, USA & Oceania, these companies both promote their services & products in their own countries as well as have accumulated many customers in Kenya through our tried & tested methods.


It is important to always deal with all our customers transparently & ethically, and we try our best to go that extra mile to make all our customers happy.


It is important to us that we advise our customers what we think will work, we can always guide you, but the final decision always lies in your hands.

I'm Ready To Get Started Today!

Choose Your Plan Below

Once you begin marketing with us, you will see there is no other company that can offer the same efficiency and effectiveness. Welcome to the club!

*Select The Length Of Your Campaign Budget, All Prices Are Inclusive Of VAT
Length Of Campaign
  • 7 Days- 6380Kshs
  • 14 Days- 12760Kshs
  • 21 Days- 19140Kshs
  • 28 Days- 25520Kshs
Ultimate Goal
Attain New Customers
Improve Brand Awareness
Website Traffic
Increase Followers
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Upload Any Images & Videos We Can Use For Your Advert
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